Mexxa Rien is a friend of Garthan Saal aka Nova Omega. Her tendency to share private information--especially diplomatic exchanges--between Nova Corp members earned her an unofficial middle name as "What's the Gossip", especially by Garthan Saal who she sarcastically refer to him as "Orders are Orders". [1] Like many Xandarians, she may have been revived when Richard Rider returned the Nova Force to Xandar.[2] She passed along information to Garthan Saal about a conspiracy on Xandar along with his recall, which she displayed a somber mood instead of her usual jovial one.[3]


Same as a Xandarian Nova Corpsmen, which she is given 25% of the Nova Force. In addition, her role in relaying messages to members of Nova Corps would have her powers focused on mundane tasks.

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