Meyer Banciewicz was born a Jew in Poland in 1924, a firstborn son in a family where all previous firstborn sons had been powerful energy-manipulating mutants.[2]

At age 13, his powers killed hundreds of Nazi soldiers during their invasion of Poland. Horrified, Meyer mentally blocked out his powers from then on.[2]

He was captured by the Nazis, survived the Warsaw Uprisings, and was interned in the Auschwitz death camp,[2]

Meyer survived three years in the camp and immigrated to the United States of America following the war, and settled in Long Island, where he had a son, Irving.[2]

When Irving began to show signs of the same sort of mutant powers, Meyer turned physically violent in an attempt to suppress them. In 1970, Meyer was arrested for beating his fourteen year old son, and Irving moved away and changed his last name to "Bank."[2]

Meyer died of natural causes years later.


Meyer was able to release powerful and deadly bursts of energy from his body, the earliest manifestation of which killed hundreds of people.

There is an error in Meyer's stories, who developed his powers during the war,[1] but was born in 1924 and was thirteen when his powers activated.[2]

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