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Mi Casa is Tony Stark's personal villa in Bahamas. It is location in an island which is also privately-owned by Stark. While Stark rarely visits it, he can afford a year-round staff there, including a Miss De La Piña. Stark's yatch Throatwarbler Mangrove is docked there.[1]

When Stark's girlfriend Bethany Cabe's friend and jobmate Ling McPherson was injured, Stark suggested a vacation in Mi Casa for all of them, so that McPherson could have a chance to recover comfortable. Stark also invited his personal pilot and friend James Rhodes and the head of Stark International medical services, Dr. John Ehrmann, to supervise McPherson's recovery. They enjoyed a relaxing time there, with the occassional fishing trip in the Mangrove.[1]

At one point, Cabe, Rhodes and Stark left to sail, but they were attacked by the villain Force, who captured Cabe and the boat.[1] Rhodes and Stark were rescued by the police and went to Mi Casa in a police boat. Once there, Dr. Ehrmann noticed Rhodes' concussion and started treating him. Meanwhile, Stark customized his Iron Man Armor, donned it and left to track Force.[2]

Stark returned with bruised ribs and a sprained-ankled Cabe, along with the Mangrove—he had defeated Force's employer Justin Hammer. Dr. Ehrmann again treated the injures and, jocularly, diagnosed that they would need a vacation to recover from that vacation.[2]

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Dining room, swimming pool, whirpool


  • Miss De La Piña
  • Unnamed staff


  • "Mi casa" is Spanish for "my house."

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