Not much is known about Michael, save that he was a young man from Genosha who tested positive for the X-gene on his thirteenth birthday, and as such was taken by the Genengineer to be converted into one of Genosha's mutant slave caste. Despite the Genengineer's attempts to calm him down, Michael was understandably upset at this prospect, even moreso when Cameron Hodge, in his grotesque cyborg body, suddenly burst through the floor.


Michael was X-gene positive, but his mutation was still latent and it is thus unknown what abilities it would have afforded him upon its manifestation.

Michael's exact mutate designation is unknown. A "49" is visible on his suit, with the last number being obscured by shadow, though as the most recent convert at that point, Wolfsbane, had been designated Mutate 490, it is thus feasible that Michael was Mutate 491.

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