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Blood Spider, along with Jagged Bow and Death-Shield were trained by Taskmaster to mimic Spider-Man, in order to kill him.[citation needed]


Blood Spider demonstrated superhuman reflexes and strength in a fight against Solo and Spider-Man. Blood Spider was shown to be able to smash his fist into a wall without flinching, as well as dodging bullets fired by Solo. Because Blood Spider was specifically picked by the Taskmaster to be trained in the fighting style of Spider-Man, it can be assumed that his powers were a close match to those of Spider-Man himself, and probably included the aforementioned superhuman reflexes and strength as well as agility, and perhaps even the ability to cling to walls, if not naturally, then through artificial means.


Blood Spider was rigorously trained by the Taskmaster in the fighting style of Spider-Man.

Strength level

Superhuman - perhaps close to the same level as Spider-Man's strength.


Blood Spider's Suit


Blood Spider was equipped with a pair of web-shooters similar in effect to Spider-Man's, however, Blood Spider's web-shooters were attached by tubing from his wrists to a backpack-style device. The look of the contraption made it appear like a more primitive and less compact version of Spider-Man's self-contained wrist-mounted web-shooters. Although Blood Spider's shooters seemed more primitive in appearance to Spider-Man's they otherwise seemed to work just the same.

  • Real name revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Hardcover Vol. 11, apparently named after Jerry Bingham.

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