Duffy was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army assigned to the Strategic Scientific Reserve base at Camp Lehigh during World War II in 1943. He was assigned to drill candidates to become a super-soldier for Project Rebirth

Duffy reprimanded recruit Steve Rogers on more than occasion, as his physical frailty caused him to struggle with basic training. At one point, however, after running the recruits halfway through a drill, Duffy noted a hoisted flag at the halfway point and promised ride back to camp with Agent Peggy Carter to the first recruit to bring it to him. Duffy had little expectation that they would succeed, as no recruit had succeed in the task in seventeen years. Indeed, several recruits, including Gilmore Hodge tried and failed to climb to pole. After it became clear none would succeed, Duffy ordered the recruits back in formation. Rogers, however, ignored this order and instead pulled the pins from the flagpole's base, causing it to fall to the ground, and permitting him to pick up the flag and give it Duffy. Speechless, Duffy simply accepted the flag and did not object when Rogers entered the jeep and was driven back.

Duffy's whereabouts after Rogers was ultimately selected for Project Rebirth are unknown.


Duffy was physically fit enough to run alongside his recruits, most of whom were several years younger, on drills.

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