Michael Goodwin is the younger brother of Stevie Goodwin. Stevie served in the Vietnam War under the command of Frank Castle and died during the Firebase Valley Forge Massacre.[1]

Stevie's death, Castle's survival of the Massacre and later transformation into The Punisher, and Michael Goodwin's meeting with Letrong Giap at a Smithsonian conference[2] led to Michael writing a book about the Firebase Valley Forge Massacre called Valley Forge, Valley Forge. [3] After the publication of Valley Forge, Michael would interview Giap to get his side of the story about the Vietnam War. [2], and that in turn prompted an interview with the remaining men of Castle's first command.[4]

Michael Goodwin believed the Vietnam War was what changed Frank Castle into the Punisher,[2] ironically proving Punisher correct decades ago when Castle believed people will blame his actions on Vietnam, and be right and wrong about that.[5]

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