Originally a defence Attorney for Super-Villains who had a high acquittal rate, Michael Hart become a judge who was dedicated to imprisoning villains after meeting his wife Alice Dickinson on a case.

His wife was accidentally killed by The Tinkerer who broke into Hart's home in order to get revenge over the death of his son, The Agent. Hart returned home before the Tinkerer could escape and the latter struck down Hart. With the help of the Doorman, the Tinkerer took Hart back to his place to attempt to revive him. He succeeded but through unknown reasons he was transformed into a spirit being without any knowledge of what the Tinkerer had done to him or his wife. It is suspected the amulet he wears that was gifted to him by his wife may have been the cause of this transformation.[1]

His supernatural form was constantly drawn into Zeitgeist, a realm that was inhabited by the ghosts of those who would not move on, where he was forced to witness countless murders. This lead to Hart calling himself "Judge" and returns to the normal world to become a vigilante, passing sentences in the form of spirits called The Jury that inhabited his body. [2]

After several criminal murders, the reporter Katherine Farrell began to investigate Judge and The Tinkerer. [3] After rescuing her multiple times, Judge took her into the Zeitgeist in order to allow her to understand his purpose better. After researching she eventually realized the truth and confronted both men and in anger. During this confrontation Judge unleashed the Jury on the Tinkerer. However, they spared him and Judge and Tinkerer reached a mutual understanding that they were both atoning for past sins. [1]

Power Grid [4]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


  • Teleportation

The Judge has the ability to teleport himself and passengers across unknown distances.

"The Jury"

The Jury (Micheal Hart (Earth-616) from Deadline -4 0001

The Jury

The Judge is the medium for spirits known as The Jury who pass judgement on people and execute the guilty, often against the will of Judge.

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