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Mike Higgins was an editor at Marvel Comics, a comic book company that is commercially licensed to adapt the real-life adventures of super-heroes into comic books. During his tenure as editor, he was in charge of the comic book based on the Fantastic Four. When the group was away for an extended period of time, Higgins frantically called John Byrne, who was the writer and artist of other series in order to press him to get the book out on time. Byrne eventually delivered thanks to the assistance of the Watcher who brought the writer to chronicle the trial of Reed Richards, who was accused of being responsible for the deal of seven billion Skrulls due to the fact that he spared the life of Galactus. When John returned and told Mike about the story, Higgins found it almost impossible to believe but told Byrne to run with it anyway.[1]

Later, Higgins worked with fellow associate editor Mike Carlin when the later hired artist Steven Rogers to draw Captain America comics.[2] When Rogers delivered his first pages, he told Carlin some ideas on how Captain America could behave in further story arcs; Higgins found newcomer Rogers too forward. Carlin then asked Higgins to send the pages to interns, to get full-sized copies.[3]

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