Father Michael Janes was once a soldier during the Vietnam war. Janes and many in his combat unit (including William Talltrees) were guilty of several war crimes including slaughtering a village of defenseless people. The lone survivor was a boy named Duc No Tranh who grew up to become the assassin the Bengal. Duc No Tranh had attempted to climb aboard the chopper that was evacuating Janes' unit (piloted by James Rhodes) but Janes and Fong kicked Duc No Tranh out of the chopper.[1]

As an adult Duc No Tranh aka the Bengal began killing other members of Janes' unit such as Samus Birulin and later made attempts on Willie Lincoln and William Talltrees. The attempt to kill Willie Lincoln was stopped by Daredevil.[1]

Janes received a court-martial and served 14 years of a 25 year sentence in Quantico where he found God. He later became a catholic priest. It was in this role that he befriended Silhouette Chord. Eventually the Bengal came to kill Janes but was stopped by Night Thrasher who thought Bengal was after Silhouette. Matters became more complicated when the Punisher came to kill Silhouette because he suspected she was funding her brother's street gang the Concrete Dragons which she denied (years later Night Thrasher discovered she was in fact funding them after all). Thanks to the Punisher's intervention style the Bengal makes peace with Night Thrasher and Father Janes. Father Janes spent months trying to help the Bengal reconcile their past but the Bengal left his care and went to kill Gai No Don who was an infamous North Vietnamese general who had killed many Vietnamese.

Michael Janes (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 258 0001

Father Janes is later asked by Night Thrasher to become a board member of the Taylor Foundation, a charity Night Thrasher's father (also a Vietnam vet) founded. Interestingly Gai No Don is also asked to join so Night Thrasher could make use of his deviousness.

Father Janes on behalf of the Taylor Foundation and the New Warrior member named Justice both worked closely with the child advocacy group Childwatch whose mission statement was to protect children from abuse.[2]

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