Quote1.png It's my nearly unlimited intellect that tells me this universe is a landfill that is conflict-laden and war-torn by the greedy. It tells me that this is a reality that, while filled with those proclaiming to be gods, is ultimately godless and lost. And ultimately it tells me that I am but mere steps away from becoming the god that it needs. Quote2.png



Michael Korvac was a computer technician born on the Blue Area of the Moon of an alternate Earth in the year 2997. Due to events surrounding his birth, Korvac's father was killed and he was raised by his mother to have a hateful and vengeful attitude. When the Sol System and its colonies were conquered by the Brotherhood of Badoon, Michael became a collaborator and traitor to the human race, but his new masters worked him to the point of exhaustion. Caught asleep at a machine while working, the Badoon amputated Korvac's lower body and grafted his torso to a special, hovering computerized module, effectively making him a cyborg.[5]

Korvac was then transported through time by the game-playing Grandmaster, who utilized him as a pawn in battling the hero Doctor Strange and the Defenders.[6] Korvac deliberately lost the fight, so as to be able to discretely scan and analyze the Grandmaster's cosmic power. Gaining several new abilities from this analysis, Korvac then killed his Badoon masters and planned to conquer the cosmos. Korvac recruited a group of aliens called the Minions of Menace and attempted to cause Earth's sun to go nova, but was defeated by the Guardians of the Galaxy and the time-traveling Thunder God Thor.[5]

Arrival in Present Day

Soon after this defeat Korvac fled across time and space to Reality-616. Upon arrival, Korvac discovered the space station of the cosmic entity Galactus, Taa II. Attempting to download the knowledge of Galactus from the station into his own system, Korvac was imbued with the Power Cosmic and became a god-like being. Korvac then recreated himself as a perfect humanoid form, and posing as a human called Michael, traveled to Earth with the intent of reshaping it into a utopia.[7]

Minions of Menace (Earth-691) from Thor Annual Vol 1 6 001.jpg

Korvac was pursued by the Guardians of the Galaxy, who joined forces with the Avengers in a bid to stop Korvac. Guardian member Starhawk found Korvac and battled him in secret. Korvac, however, disintegrated Starhawk and then recreated him, but removed from the hero the ability to perceive Korvac in any way so as to avoid future detection.[8] The Elder of the Universe known as the Collector foresaw the coming of two beings that would be capable of challenging the Elders (Korvac and the Titan Thanos), and remakes his own daughter Carina into a being of incredible power to use as a weapon against them. Although Carina does meet Korvac, the two fall in love and she begins to sympathize with him. The Collector himself is defeated by the Avengers after a failed bid to "collect" and protect them from Korvac, who upon discovering the Collector's plot disintegrates the Elder.[9]

The hero Iron Man eventually tracked Korvac to a residential neighborhood in Forest Hills Gardens, in Queens, New York. The entire Avengers roster, with the heroine Ms. Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy confronted Korvac and Carina, who posed as a middle class couple. Korvac's deception was revealed when Starhawk stated he could not see the man called "Michael". Realizing that he had been discovered, and that cosmic entities such as Odin and the Watcher were now aware of his existence, Korvac was forced into battle.

Korvac slew wave after wave of heroes, and was finally caught off guard and weakened by Captain America and then Wonder Man. Although able to kill the heroes, Korvac was weakened further by the combined efforts of Starhawk, Iron Man, the Vision and Thor. Sensing that Carina now doubted him, Korvac committed suicide through an act of will. An angered Carina then attacked the surviving heroes, and was finally slain by Thor. The entire battle was watched by part-time Avenger Moondragon, who realized that Korvac only wanted to help mankind, his dying act being to restore the Avengers and Guardians to life.[10]

Years later it was revealed that Korvac discarded his power when near death after sensing that Galactus had activated the Ultimate Nullifier in retaliation for his previous intrusion. Korvac's power eventually inhabited his father, Jordan, who was then killed in battle with the Guardians. This was the catalyst that drove Korvac as an adult to hate the Guardians.[11][12][13][14]

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Korvac was later briefly resurrected in human form by the Grandmaster to battle the Silver Surfer.[15] Korvac later impersonated Kang the Conqueror[3][16] and the Watcher[16] in a plan to resurrect the Red Skull and obtain the power of the Cosmic Cube, but he was then defeated by Captain America and the Skull himself.[17]

Avengers Academy

When his wife was given a physical body once more by Veil, Korvac confronted the Avengers Academy staff to claim her once more. Korvac returns for her, and Hank Pym offers to return Carina to Korvac, but she refuses to go with him; she chose nonexistence over him (even though she is apparently immortal, as is her father). A battle commences pitting Korvac against all current Avengers teams. He was weakened by them, and then attacked by adult versions of the Academy's students. After a brutal battle, Veil phased into his body, which temporarily paralyzed Korvac, and Hazmat then completely annihilated Korvac with a projected blast of anti-matter.

Time Runs Out

In 3014, the latest incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy became stuck in a time loop caused by a temporal instability,[18] the source of which was somewhere in the past. Seeking to repair the timestream, the group went to Earth to rescue the young Geena Drake, which Starhawk's precognitive powers identified as vital to their mission,[19] and, eventually, traveled back in time to modern day through the Old Hunger.[20] After a brief fight against this era's Guardians[21] and a battle against an army of Stark Unities, controlled by A-Sentience, the Guardians from 3014, with the help of the Guardians of 2015, located the temporal instability source, which was inside a suburban house in Forest Hills.

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As some Guardians stayed behind, Geena and Yondu entered the house to face the temporal instability source: Michael Korvac, who was in his half-man, half-machine form.[22] He explained to Geena that he was dismantling time, thus causing the instability, to recreate the Multiverse under his guidance, using Geena, a singular being on the entire Multiverse, whom he had manipulated through the timestream to that very moment, as the stable reference point around which he would remake the universe. Before he could end his explanation, he was shot in the head by Yondu, causing a new time slip which sent the Guardians of 2015 out of their continuity.

The rest of the Guardians, who were fighting against the Stark Unities powered-up by Korvac, entered the house only to find Korvac lying on the floor, but still alive. He told them that time was broken as an result of the last incursion. Vance tried to convince him to try and fix everything, but he couldn't as it was beyond him. Then, Geena let Korvac use her to try and stop the universal decay, but he failed to do so, leaving Geena alone as everything ended.[23]

Books of Korvac

Some time following the restoration of the Multiverse, the scientific cabal known as the Enclave got hold of Korvac. Rechristening Korvac as "Adam-IV,"[1] the Enclave's leader Carlo Zota refurbished Korvac's body, granting him new legs. Zota intended to use Korvac's nearly unlimited intellect to help their cause to create a better Earth. However, Korvac quickly broke bad and renounced the Enclave under the belief that they were being arrogant for focusing solely on changing the Earth and not seeking a better universe.[24] Korvac's ultimate goal became that of merging the entirety of life into a single hive mind called the Aggregate.[25]

Under the identity of scientist "Fuller Tielhard," Korvac began working on a plan to use lightning harvesting to return to demigodhood and then achieve godhood. He reached out to Tony Stark to seek his funding, while also enlisting some of his enemies, namely Unicorn, Blizzard and the Controller, in order to prepare himself to eventually kill Stark to prevent his interference. Using Stark's money, Korvac installed fifty-eight lightning farms across the globe that he used to empower himself. Deciding to dispose of Stark, Korvac lured him and his partner Hellcat to one of the lightning farms. After a fight against Korvac's disciples, the heroes were electrocuted by Korvac and left for dead.[26] Once he found out that Iron Man and Hellcat survived, Korvac captured Stark's best friend Jim Rhodes as a gag order to prevent interference. After locating Taa II, Korvac underwent a procedure with which he absorbed the entirety of New York's electricity grid to further empower himself.[27] After almost managing to kill both Iron Man and a ragtag team of heroes he had assembled to fight him,[28] Korvac and his acolytes left on a spaceship to Taa II,[29] but they were followed by the Armored Avenger and his allies.[25]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[30]
Energy Projection7
Fighting Skills2


Michael Korvac was originally half-man, half-sophisticated computer. Even before any form of energy absorption, Korvac was able to nearly overwhelm the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange in direct combat by analyzing the various mystical energies he commanded before he released them and producing a perfect defense based on his computer's analysis.[citation needed]

After downloading information from Galactus' ship and absorbing his energy, along with acquiring the Power Cosmic, Korvac was capable of many feats on par with other cosmic entities, such as matter alteration, energy projection, teleportation and manipulation of time and space. In his perfect human form, Korvac retained all his cosmic abilities and could use these to achieve virtually any effect, even having the potential to wipe the universe from existence.[citation needed]


Michael Korvac was a brilliant computer scientist, a master combat strategist, and a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.[citation needed]

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