Michael Korvac was a normal human, until driving through a mountain area when he was taken by the Kree. They experimented with him for a long time, which gave Korvac incredible destructive powers, which he used to destroy the Kree ship and escape. However, the experiment had costed Korvac his sanity. He then used his power in destroying a space-station, an inhabited planet, etc.. He enjoyed the destruction, before returning to Earth.

He landed in Central Park, creating a crater, claiming to being pursued by aliens. The police take him to the Avengers. After Wasp brought his wife, Carina Walters, to the Avengers Mansion to be with him, the Guardians of the Galaxy appeared in search of Korvac. The Avengers battled them as Michael escaped along Wasp and Carina. When the Guardians explained the Avengers the threat Korvac represented to the universe, his powers manifested and he knocked out everyone in the scene but Carina, and escaped with her and a unconscious Ms. Marvel who he knocked out in battle.

He arrived to Central Park and continued to battle Ms. Marvel under the reason to protect Carina. When the Avengers and the Guardians arrived, he fought them until Carina made him note he was scaring her and that he became a monster. Out of remorse, Korvac then teleported himself to the deep of space, possibly to another dimension, for parts unknown.


Seemengly those of Michael Korvac of Earth-691.

  • Michael Korvac was voiced by Troy Baker.

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