Korvac shared a similar history to his mainstream counterpart until Carina showed Korvac support instead of fear. This gave Korvac the strength to kill the Avengers and resurrected a select few as his pawns to fight his enemies which included the cosmic beings assembling against him. He resurrected others to operate as a warning system. Korvac then sealed the universe off from other-dimensional realms, such as Asgard and Olympus to prevent the godly beings and others forces from defeating him.

Later, after the Watcher informed the cosmic beings of Korvac's plan, the Grandmaster went to Korvac to propose a Contest of Champions for his right to power, but Korvac refused and killed him, claiming not to play games. The Shaper of Worlds however, offered his reality-altering powers to serve Korvac's imagination. Meanwhile, he sent his Avengers to kill Galactus and the Gardener and after their initial defeat, he brought back Captain America to use the Ultimate Nullifier to kill Galactus and absorbed the Gardener's life force. The Stranger then distracted Korvac so the In-Betweener could kidnap Carina. After absorbing the Stranger, and revealed he had replaced Carina with the Shaper and destroyed the In-Betweener as well.

The Living Tribunal decided to make the Sun go nova in order to destroy Korvac along with the Earth, but Korvac's power shielded the Earth from fiery annihilation, so the Tribunal gave up and abandoned the universe.

Finally, the Watcher confronted Korvac with a starship armada assembled from across the universe, driving him to consume the remainder of Earth's inhabitants for power. He grew to planetary size and threatened the fleet with the Ultimate Nullifier. The Watcher tried to negotiate with him, offering him a remote galaxy where he wouldn't have to be in conflict with anyone, but Korvac was determined to bring order to everything. He then used the Ultimate Nuffilifer on the universe, killing Eternity.[1]


Seemingly those of the Michael Korvac of Earth-691

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