Michael McTeer (Earth-616) from Punisher Year One Vol 1 1 001

Michael McTeer, just before discovering the Castle family murder scene.

Michael McTeer was a drunk freelance reporter whom mainly worked for the Daily Bugle. While recovering from a drunken stupor, he ended up being the first one to discover Frank Castle's family and Forrest Hunt, after they were murdered in Central Park. While being interrogated on the fact by detective John Laviano, who held a grudge against him for his alcoholism and his amoral working methods, he was smashed in the face by Castle, whom had survived the shooting and was in a state of shock.[1]

McTeer, searching for a big scoop, persuaded Robbie Robertson to give him the exclusive on Castle's story, also borrowing a camera from Peter Parker, as he had to pawn his. He approached Frank by inventing a story in which his wife was shot down during a robbery, though in reality they were estranged, seemingly because of McTeer's lack of success at work due to his alcohol habit. Castle eventually discovered McTeer had lied to him, bounced him a little, and later offered him to cooperate in putting an end to the Costa Mob, responsible for the massacre at Central Park. McTeer was present when Frank began his first activities as a vigilante, beating out henchmen in order to obtain the information they needed.[2]

In the end, just as he was going to reconcile with his wife, Janey, McTeer was murdered at home by Billy Russo, whom at the time acted as a hitman for the Costas.[3] McTeer's violent death finally convinced Frank he had to take justice in his hands, and ultimately transformed him into the Punisher.[4]



  • He was hinted as having been a hippie, and mostly sported attires typical of the movement. This is somewhat interesting, if compared to the warlike attitude of Frank Castle, the Punisher.[citation needed]

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