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Doctor Zola assigned Morbius to be Doc Ock's personal lab assistant. Sometime afterwards, Morbius and Otto worked on an Anti-Venom symbiote and used it on Harry Osborn. While Spider-Man and Flash fought the Anti-Venom, Morbius attempted to flee but was apprehended by Spider-Man. He later told Spider Man how to disable the Anti-Venom, before Spider-Man left him to stop the Anti-Venom.[1]

Morbius' human form.

Later on, Morbius and Otto worked on the Carnage symbiote and Morbius expiremented on himself, turning into a vampire in the process. While Otto bound with the Carnage symbiote, Morbius fled. Morbius was not seen until the Carnage symbiote regrouped at Midtown High School, where he runs into Spider-Man and Venom again in the school's gymnasium. It is shown that he is looking for the "Queen" and reveals his life draining powers to them, almost killing the two until Harry, in the Patriot suit, comes in.

While searching the school, Spider-Man, Flash and Harry ended up in the Carnage Queen's chambers, realizing that Mary Jane was being controlled by it. Morbius later arrives and orders her to attack them, but Carnage refuses, stating that it has no master. Morbius tells it that he had prepared for this and puts a control crown on her. During the fight, Spider-Man knocks the wristband from Morbius and orders the Carnage symbiote to leave Mary Jane. Morbius laughs, stating that the two are bound for life, before reclaiming the wristband and knocks Spider-Man out.

Morbius' first vampire form.

When Spider-Man regains his senses, he finds that Harry and Flash are locked in tubes while he finds Crossbones and his lackies. Morbius forces Spider-Man to activate the Hydra missiles filled with the Carnage symbiote. Spider-Man tries to cancel the launch with voice activation, but Morbius had anticipated this and disabled it. Crossbones asks Morbius to kill Spider-Man, so he orders the Carnage Queen to do so. However, Carnage struggled to and revealed that the crown was controlling her, which Spider-Man destroyed. Crossbones and his men fled, claiming that Morbius was "even more insane" then Otto for trusting the symbiote. Morbius attempted to drain Carnage's life, but was unable to and was sent flying out the hidden SHIELD base. What happened to him afterwards is unknown.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Flight: Morbius has the ability to fly thanks to his wings.
  • Life-Force Absorption: Morbius is able to absorb the life energy of any beings unless they have a protective shell or armor specially designed to avoid this type of attacks.[2]
  • Fangs & Claws: Like supernatural vampires, Morbius possesses elongated canines that he uses to pierce the flesh of other beings for the purpose of consuming their blood. Morbius can also, however, use his fangs as weapons in very close combat situations. He also possesses a single retractable claw at the tip of each finger. The claws are very sharp, capable of rending human flesh and bone with ease.


  • Genius Intelligence: Morbius is brilliant scientist specializing in biochemistry. He is also able to put his hand to various other scientific disciplines.


  • Due censorship for the cartoon show, the character of Morbius was altered to feed upon the life-force/plasma in blood and instead of biting his victims, similar to his Earth-92131 counterpart.
    • Another similarity is that both versions have a fully mutated bat form.
  • Voiced by Ben Diskin.

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