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Little is detailed about Morbius' life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149. Unlike his Earth-616 counterpart this Morbius was no longer a "living vampire", but an undead zombie with the vampiric tendencies he once possessed in life.

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After becoming infected, Morbius formed an alliance with the Kingpin. After Morbius was transported to Earth-616 he kidnapped the Morbius of Earth-616. He held the uninfected Morbius captive while using a latex mask to look normal. He planned to infect every member of the Fifty State Initiative with the zombie virus. The uninfected Morbius' captivity was later inadvertently uncovered by an A.R.M.O.R. team member whom the uninfected Morbius tried to warn of an impending attack. The warning came too late as zombie Morbius attacked the team member and infected her, thus creating a violent chain of events after she attacked another team member. Towards the end of the crisis the real Morbius appeared out of nowhere and grabbed a tree, which he used as a stake and stabbed zombie Morbius from behind and straight into the heart, killing him instantly.[1]

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See Michael Morbius (Earth-616)#Powers.


The one true weakness Morbius has that supernatural vampires possess is that he must regularly ingest fresh blood in order to maintain his physical and mental vitality. He must generally feed several times a weeks, though he can go for long periods without feeding if he pushes himself. However, the longer he goes, the weaker he becomes and the more likely he is to lose control. While he can't be killed by sunlight, his eyes and skin are sensitive to exposure to sunlight. After becoming a zombie, Morbius has become vulnerable to some vampire weaknesses, such as being killed by having a wooden stake driven through his heart.


  • This Morbius referred to himself as a "vambie" (half-vampire, half-zombie).
  • Morbius was made into a Funko Vinyl Pop, in the October 2015 Marvel Collectors Corps box, alongside his non-zombie version.

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