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Michael Morbius was a fellow university student of Peter Parker's at E.S.U, of Romanian heritage. Michael began dating Felicia Hardy after he saved her from being mugged.

Michael Morbius

He rejected Debra Whitman when she told him that she loved him, as he was committed to Felicia.

In a competition to become Dr. Curt Connors's research assistant, Michael tampered with Peters's equipment, unaware that Peter was Spider-Man and had kept some of his mutated blood in his locker at E.S.U. Morbius unintentionally came into contact with a sample of the mutated blood, and seconds later he was bitten by a vampire bat, resulting in him transforming into a vampire-like creature, feeding from plasma.

As Morbius was forced to drain people's plasma to survive, Spider-Man tried to stop him. At the same time, Spider-Man was trying to evade the Punisher who was trying to capture him as he believed he was a criminal. Morbius's attacks were then blamed on Spider-Man, who had sprouted four extra arms as a result of his mutation.

Morbius was later hunted by Blade, but instead Spider-Man wanted to return Morbius to his human form. Blade tried to destroy the Neogenic Recombinator, which Morbius could use to transform others into vampire-like creatures. However, Morbius stole it, but was stopped by Spider-Man and Blade. After this, his mutation worsened and he was driven into hibernation.

A fully mutated Morbius

Months later, Herbert Landon set up the "Herbert Foundation" in his name to try and retrieve Morbius, as he believed he held the secret to neogenics. Morbius was found in hibernation by Debra Whitman and her team, and taken to a lab where Dr. Connors conducted an experiment to return Morbius to his human self. However, the first attempt was unsuccessful and Landon and Shocker tried to take Morbius. In the midst of a fight between Shocker and Flash Thompson Morbius was awakened. He fled and again sought to feed from plasma.

While Morbius had been in hibernation, Felicia became the Black Cat, and after Morbius was awakened she visited Blade's mentor Whistler, looking for something to help her stop Morbius and possibly cure him. Whistler gave her a weapon, but Morbius was kidnapped by Landon and Shocker. After she and Spider-Man saved him, Black Cat couldn't bring herself to destroy him, still hoping to find a cure for him.

Morbius was eventually partially cured, meaning that he still appeared like a vampire but no longer craved plasma. He teamed up with Blade and Black Cat and went with them to Europe to stop Blade's vampire mother after she tried to turn people into vampires using the Neogenic Recombinator.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Michael Morbius of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Michael Morbius of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Michael Morbius of Earth-616.

  • Rather than needing to feed on blood, Morbius instead, needs to feed on plasma.



Seemingly that of the Michael Morbius of Earth-616.


He prefers flying


  • The character was voiced by Nick Jameson in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
  • Due to Fox's censorship for the morning cartoon show, the character of Morbius was altered to remove content deemed inappropriate for children. Instead of using the word or showing blood, Morbius fed upon the plasma in blood and instead of biting his victims, he possessed concealable suckers on his hands.
  • It is interesting that Morbius never mutated into the Man-Spider after he absorbed Spider-Man's plasma, even though episodes later, the Vulture did so after absorbing his mutated DNA.
    • It is likely that Morbius is incapable of mutating due to being dependent upon plasma to live while the Vulture used technology that incorporated the Tablet of Time to restore his youth.

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