Quote1 Always insisted I focus on bats rather than lizards for some reason. Quote2
-- Curt Connors src

One of Oscorp's most publicly celebrated scientists, Michael Morbius won the Nobel Prize three years ago for an outstanding achievement in biochemistry. In time since however, Morbius has grown more and more reclusive, avoiding human contact as much as possible and choosing to work only at night. This practice, combined with his recent penchant for experimenting on bats, has prompted his colleagues to refer to him as "the Living Vampire."

In actuality, Morbius is dying of a rare disorder that slowly dissolves his blood cells. Under the guise of developing a new wonder drug for Oscorp, he secretly works on a cure for his own debilitative condition. Whereas Curt Connors was convinced the key to reversing his own condition could be found within reptiles, Morbius feels just as strongly that distilled fluids from bats will hold the key to eliminating his own disease.

Shortly before the Lizard incident, Moribus' work was put on hold. Knowing his own work to be a few steps behind that of Connors, Morbius accepted a chance to see Connors' work when the opportunity was presented by Rajit Ratha, their direct supervisor. However, Ratha threatened to fire Morbius if he didn't divert his attention to Ratha's own project, stymieing Morbius' work with bats for weeks.

Now, months later, and with no more threats to have from Ratha, Morbius' research carries on as he believes he may have even created a serum capable of curing his condition, which he only needs only one try.[1]

  • According to Rhino's biography, Morbius was forced to mutate Alekski into his current form by a "corrupt, high-ranking Oscorp executive." That was most likely the secret project Rajit had Morbius work on.
  • It is unknown if Moribus research led to him becoming an vampire-like creature, as his bio ends in an cliffhanger.

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