Quote1 I'm trying to see any reason it matters how I got here, or what I remember and what I don't. Far as I can tell, I'm alive. The rest... I'll worry about later. Quote2
-- Mike Murdock src

Early into his superhero career, Matt Murdock sporadically assumed the identity of a fictional twin brother of his to help conceal his alter-ego of Daredevil. Matt pretended that this twin brother, named Mike Murdock, was Daredevil's secret identity. Matt eventually got rid of Mike Murdock by setting up his death (and saying that a new Daredevil had been trained).[1] Over the years, Matt would sometimes use the identity of Mike Murdock to go undercover.[2]

After Daredevil enlisted the help of the Inhuman named Reader to form a group to take down Mayor Wilson Fisk, the Reader accidentally used his ability to physically manifest anything he read while researching on Mike Murdock, which resulted in his manifestation as a real person who genuinely believed himself to be Matt Murdock's twin brother, and possessed both the abilities and brash personality he was supposed to have. This kind of creation the Reader called "fragments."[2] As Daredevil, Matt stumbled into Mike in the Bar with No Name,[3] and knocked him down to investigate what was going on. When Reader figured out Mike Murdock's existence was his fault, he tried to use his powers to "unwrite" him. Mike managed escaped, taking the Reader's dog Forey hostage. Mike managed to continue evading Daredevil,[2] and took Foggy Nelson hostage to arrange a meeting with Matt.

When they met up in High Line Park, Matt started to doubt his decision to erase Mike, valuing his brother's existence even though it was an accident. When the Reader appeared to erase Mike, Matt stopped him and let Mike go. Desperate for help, Mike sought Mayor Fisk, and offered him to do any kind of job in exchange for protection. Fisk accepted Mike's proposition, and later sent The Hood to recruit him.[4]

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