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Michael Stockton was a scientist who discovered a way of looking into subatomic worlds (including one ruled by the dictator Tim Boo Ba). Later, he became involved with the terrorist group AIM and was a part of the criminal M'Sieu Tete's attempt to steal the Pym Particles from Henry Pym, an encounter which resulted in Pym becoming trapped at ant size.[2] Stockton took the opportunity to raid Pym's lab and steal his shrinking technology, becoming the criminal Doctor Nemesis, and eventually (after curing Pym) took the Wasp hostage in order to force Pym to grant him access to Avengers Mansion. Ant Man defeated Nemesis before he could steal the Avengers' technology.[3]

Years later, Stockton attempted to get revenge on the Wasp but was defeated by her with the assistance of the Micronauts and seemingly shrank out of existence.[4] Eventually though, he returned when the shrinking effect wore off (he had actually merely been shrunk through several subatomic dimensions) and clashed with Pym once more at a time when Pym had given up using his size-changing powers. Pym defeated Doctor Nemesis once more.[5]

Later still, employed by Stane International and using Erik Josten (the criminal called Goliath) as an underling, Nemesis clashed with Bill Foster, the second Giant Man. Foster succeeded in thwarting Stockton's plans for the experimental Mass Acquisition Unit and Stockton and Josten were both jailed.[6]

Stockton later revisited the Microverse and discovered Tim Boo Ba again, being captured and tortured before escaping. Imprisoned at the Lang Memorial Penitentiary, he attempted to warn the world about the threat posed by Tim Boo Ba, though only Elsa Bloodstone took him seriously.[1]

Doctor Nemesis has since clashed with Spider-Man at the Bar with No Name.[7]

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