Michael Trace was the CEO of a profitable company that was dismantled after a tragedy involving Michael's mother and a school bus. Feeling personally guilty for what happened, Michael left everything behind in order to find a new meaning for his life. While living on the streets for some time, Michael went through a great change of personality, becoming a person obsessed with the idea of those responsible for corrupting the society as well, in his own opinion. The solution for that kind of fool -- that is, the man responsible for not respecting the consequences of his actions and thus, problem was simple for him -- killing or punishing everybody he thought was a fool, hence the Foolkiller name. That was the point in which he started his career as a vigilante, terrorizing the criminal community. Michael Trace was raised in a normal family with his mother, an artist and his father, but unluckily they ran out of money. One day he and his father saw two thieves stealing from a shop, his dad told him not to become fools like them even if they had no cash. They entered the shop another day to buy a TV but it was too expensive and as they were getting out the shopkeeper started to shout at Mike for stealing comics. His father said that Mike wasn't a liar or a fool but suddenly the man took out a gun and shot him. Before dying 3 comics fell from under Mikes t-shirt. After this tragic event Mike started training more martial arts, beating bullies and protecting innocent victims. The family business got better and he and his mum found a better house. With his fascination to destroy all fools he went in prison for a short time and when he was released he played jackpot in a casino and won 10 million dollars. With the money he built a company of his own but foolishness was slowly taking control of him. He realized this after his mother died alongside some school children in a car accident which involved a school bus. He sold the company and gave everything to the parents of those children and tried to make suicide. But the idea to become a vigilante changed his mind and started to kill petty criminals under the Foolkiller mantle. One day he went to a Luna park and tattooed a jester on both arms, when he got out he spotted a pedophile clown abusing a child in a caravan. Mike went in broke the clowns neck and freed the kid, when he got out the clowns puppy, who was called Jester, followed him and eventually became his pet and assistant. Eventually Mike started fighting organized crime with his dog becoming brutal like his master.[citation needed]
Jester (Earth-200111) from Foolkiller Vol 2 1 0001

One day a man called Nate McBride got his family killed because he stole money from a mobster called the Cheese and wanted help from Mike to have justice. [citation needed]


Expert swordsman and has knowledge of karate.

Strength level

Mike can lift up to 1 tonne.


Those of a normal, unpowered human.


On foot


Foolkiller will employ whatever weapons are available but his favorite weapon is a sword cane.

Mike is extremely brutal and will kill off anyone trying to hurt innocent people.

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