Michael "Mike" Trudeau was a communication expert hired by Stark International as head of its Long Island communication center, connecting the myriad of branches of Stark International through the world. Secretly, Trudeau was also a sleeper agent working for Stark International's competition Roxxon Oil; Trudeau answered to Roxxon's Jonas Hale, reporting to him through a hand-held device. However, Trudeau did not perform open acts of sabotage that could threaten his cover.[1]

Widely respected and liked by Stark International CEO Anthony Stark, Trudeau was invited to the third annual S.I. employee appreciation party. There, he tried to impress Stark's personal secretary Bambi Arbogast and head of medical services Dr. John Ehrmann with amusing anecdotes about his job, and then he moved to talk with security chief Vic Martinelli and Stark's personal interest at the moment Bethany Cabe. Trudeau revealed that Stark had planned a broadcast of his new prototype technology during the party, and he offered Mz. Cabe his personal company with romantic interest, an approach that she gracefully rejected.[2]

Soon afterward, Stark agreed to co-operate with SHIELD investigating the event of Allantown, Iowa. This was opposed to Roxxon's interests and, when Roxxon's other agents failed to dissuade Stark, Hale contacted with Trudeau and ordered him to stop the investigation, no matter the cost. Reluctantly, Trudeau agreed.[1]

Trudeau went to see Stark's engineer Scott Lang, who was working on test of a Jupital Landing Vehicle for NASA. Trudeau approached Lang cordially and, once he had his trust, knocked him down with a monkey wrench. Hardly, Trudeau piloted the JLV and rammed the analytical lab where SHIELD was performing its tests. He ordered everyone out, but SHIELD agents were hard to scare away, and SHIELD manager Nick Fury, who happened to be there, shot at Trudeau's vehicle. Even worse, Stark's security chief Iron Man entered the fray and opposed the JLV.[1]

Iron Man created a hole to keep the JLV on it, but Trudeau managed to drive it up. Trudeau then controled the JLV's magna-grips to hold Iron Man, and tried to kill him with the JLV's sonic disruptor. However, the weapon was useless against Iron Man's armor, and Iron Man released himself. Iron Man then released himself and shattered the JLV. He then captured Trudeau.[1]

Trudeau refused to talk and asked for a lawyer. Iron Man handed Trudeau to Martinelli, so that Trudeau could be turned over to the Nassau County Police Department.[1]


Trudeau is an expert in communications, including the technological skills and the ability to speak with people. He has shown certain skills talking with beautiful women - albeit not enough to seduce Bethany Cabe.[2]

Trudeau also has some pilot training, although not enough to pilot a space vehicle. He is a sleeper and thus a good spy, but not a field agent.[1]

Strength level



Glasses. A small, hand-held communication device to keep in touch with Mr. Hale; it's similar in function to modern cell phones, broadcasting only audio.


A stolen Jupiter Landing Vehicle.

He seems to have fair-colored eyes, but it's difficult to see the exact color because he's always wearing glasses.

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