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Michael Vornin unmasked

Michael Vornin was the manager of the Ross Meat Company during the 1940s. By 1944, he had organized his own gang and operated under the hooded identity of the "Head". Vornin and his minions attacked shipping trucks carrying meat from his own company, killing the drivers and stealing the meat to sell on the black market.

His activities gained the attention of the Human Torch and Toro who began investigating the thefts. They convinced Vornin to let them drive the next shipment of meat, unaware of the fact that he was the leader of the gang involved in the thefts. When the Head and his men attacked the truck, they were forewarned of the heroes' involvement. Laying broken glass out on the road, the Head and his men doused the two heroes in liquid asbestos when they checked the damage. The Head then took the two heroes to their hideout where they were then placed in a glass encased freezer to be frozen alive. The two heroes broke out of the freezer and rounded up the Head's minions, but the Head himself escaped.

Correctly deducing that the Head was really Michael Vornin, the Torch and Toro rushed to the Ross Meat company where they confronted him. The pair then chased Vornin through the slaughterhouse of the company. Attempting to flee the heroes, Vornin tripped over a meat cart and landed on a meat hook. It impaled him through the throat killing him instantly.[1]


As the Head, Vornin had access to liquid asbestos.


The Head and his minions have access to conventional firearms.

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