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Early Life

Micky Hamilton was a veteran photographer working in two wars, a conflict and an operation. It was during this time that he learnt to fly a helicopter.[1]

Chicago Spectator

Chicago Spectator (Earth-616) from Cage Vol 1 1 001.png

Micky took a job along with Luke Cage at the Chicago Spectator, one of the leading newspapers in Chicago. He worked alongside, private investigator; Dakota North, editor; Analisa Medina and attorney; Jeryn Hogarth. [1]

Hardcore, manipulated Micky by promising to cure his cancer, if he led Luke Cage to the Black Hole.[2]

Cruz Bushmaster gained powers like Luke and prepared to kill Micky for his recent attempts a betrayal, but was stopped by John Bushmaster, who was revived by the energies, used the viral aspects that Dr. Noah Burstein had created in the variant process to siphon the energies from his son.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Can pilot a helicopter




  • The only source giving Hamilton's full name is Cage #12 (March 1993), and it lists a captioned picture of him in the newspaper as "Micheal 'Micky' Hamilton." Lacking any other reference, the character is assumed to be really Christened Micheal, not Michael.

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