Michelle was a student at Midtown School of Science & Technology, a member of the Academic Decathlon team, and a classmate of Peter Parker. A loner, she regarded Peter and his friend Ned as losers.

When Academic Decathlon captain Liz Toomes hosted a party, Michelle attended. However, when Peter and Ned arrived, she called them losers for attending the party while deeming the party as "lame." Ned pointed out the hypocrisy, but she shrugged the comment off.

Jones joined the team in Washington, D.C. for the academic decathlon finals. She correctly answered the last question of the Decathlon, winning the competition for the team. Mr. Harrington took them to the Washington Monument to celebrate. Jones refused to go inside with the rest of the team, due to the fact that monument was built by slaves. Fortunately, she was not on board the elevator when an explosion trapped her classmates on it. When Spider-Man arrived on the scene, she pointed him in the direction of her friends.

Jones joined Peter when he was in detention for skipping class. When Coach Wilson asked her why she was there despite not having detention, she claimed that she enjoyed sketching people in crisis.

Jones later attended homecoming, giving Peter the middle finger when he arrived. However, she watched as he fled the scene.

After homecoming and the revelation that Liz's father, Adrian Toomes, was a big time criminal, Liz was forced to move to Oregon, and Jones took her spot as Academic Decathlon captain. Jones told her teammates that her friends call her "MJ". When Peter got a text message and had to leave, Jones inquired his actions, then quipped that she was kidding and did not care.[2]

  • Though it was most likely unintentional, Michelle Jones bares more of a resemblance to a character also named Michelle from Earth-616, who first appeared in Civil War II #0 just one year prior to the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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