The past history of Michka Rose, show she obtained her signing powers and why -- unless using her powers -- she is mute remains unrevealed. What is known is that she was a member of the church led by the Nazi turned religious fanatic Master Man and was placed within Pepper Potts rebellion as a spy to ultimately betray them.

Along the rebellions travels Michka would eventually fall in love with Conner "Rebel" O'Reilly even though he was obsessed with finding his lost love Blue Skye. Ultimately, Michka would betray her comrades Master Man's minion the Parson who would ambush the group when their guard was down. Realizing the errors of her way, Michka would turn against the Parson using her singing powers against him. Her song would be one of love for Rebel, making him realize what she felt of him. She would be seriously injured in the confrontation. Rebel would defeat Parson but let him go in exchange for the supposed location of Blue Skye.

With Michka requiring immediate medical attention, Rebel would abandon the group to seek out Skye, leaving Pepper and Guinness to find a way to get Michka to a hospital. Michka's fate remains unrevealed.

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