Quote1.png Real life hero right here... Quote2.png
-- Miles Morales after visiting his statue src


When Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson decide to meet at Mick's on their first "date" after being separated for months, Mick states that they are his favorite guests, and how happy he is seeing the two together again.[2]

Later on in his life, he has seemingly passed away due to unknown circumstances. His death was honored with a statue of himself next to Mick's. Miles Morales would one day visit the statue, claiming and viewing him as a true "real life hero".[1]

  • The name of this character portrayed by Stan Lee being Mick is only confirmed in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. While the restaurant's name being Mick's is mentioned in Marvel's Spider-Man, it's never established that it's named after him, and in the credits he is only identified as "Short Order Cook."
  • The statue seen next to Mick's was added to pay tribute to Stan Lee's death.

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