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Mickey Spillane
Mickey Spillane.jpg
Real Name
Frank Michael Morrison Spillane
Mickey Spillane
Personal Information
Date of Birth
March 9, 1918
Date of Death
July 17, 2006
Professional Information
Timely; Novelty Press; Key Publications
First released work

Professional History

Spillane was a professional writer who started his career in the 1940s in comic-books for Charlton Comics and later Timely Comics, both with the script of a comic-book or writing short text stories. After the World War II, in which he served in the Army Air Corps, Spillane wrote a noir novel that was published in 1947: I, the Jury introduced his most famous character, detective Mike Hammer, whom he intended to create for a comic-book. His further novels became a financial success, albeit not particularly respected by critics.

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