The microbots were a swarm of miniaturized robots created by Hiro Hamada for a scientific exposition. They were stolen by Professor Robert Callaghan, who set the expo on fire to cover up the theft.

Weeks later, Callaghan created more microbots. The warehouse where they were being built was discovered by Hiro and his robot companion Baymax, who were soon attacked by Gallaghan in disguise and barely escaped. Days later, they tracked down the microbots once again, and found them in the docks of San Fransokyo, where Callaghan was returning from having used them to recover pieces of scientific equipment. Hiro's friends had followed him, and escaped along with him once Callaghan spotted them and tried to kill them with the microbots. This resulted in a chase through the city, which ceased once the group of friends fell with their van to the water, and Callaghan presumed them dead.

Hiro and his friends, now equipped with suits of armor, tracked Callaghan down, and found him in an abandoned lab in an island. He was using the microbots to dismantle a prototype of a dimensional portal, which he would later relocate above one Alistar Krei's institute, to use the portal's capabilities to destroy it to have revenge on Krei, whom he blamed for the death of his daughter Abigail.

The Big Hero 6 managed to disarm Callaghan of the microbots, by separating them, causing the individual microbots to be swallowed by the portal.[1]


The microbots can be controlled mentally with the use of a neurotransmitter. The swarm of robots can be used to build anything its controller wishes, and create different figures. The microbots can mimic the move patterns of a liquid, and turn completely solid and extremely durable. Using a combination of this two properties allows their controlled to use them as a form of transportation, like a slide.[1]


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