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Quote1.png I'll tell you what I think of your manners! Like you, they >tik< stink! Quote2.png
Bug, to Wartstaff

Appearing in "Be It Ever So Deadly!"

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Synopsis for "Be It Ever So Deadly!"

Bug awakes in a forest, glad to be alive (he barely survived an explosion in issue #10). When he climbs a tree and spots the Central Nest, he is glad to know that he is on his own world of Kaliklak. Then he remembers that Kaliklak is still, as far as he knows, under the thumb of Baron Karza's colonial administration. He ambushes the driver of a snail lorry to get some information and finds that the driver is his mentor, a master thief. He also finds that Wartstaff, a rival, now runs his old gang at the Lair.

On Earth, aboard the Heli-Carrier, Agent M receives a package with instructions to take it to a civilian in New York. It holds the remains of two Acroyears and their ship.

an insectivorid banquet

Bug ambushes the guard at the Lair and strolls inside. He sees Wartstaff at a banquet with his own gang and with Jasmine's, who have formed an uneasy alliance with them. Wartstaff fires a puls-blast; Bug dodges and upends the table. Wartstaff, he now learns, told the gang that he (Bug) sold them out to the colonial administration, when in fact Wartstaff sold Bug out, which eventually landed him in Karza's Pleasure Pits (see issue #1). Now, though, Wartstaff wants to welcome his son home ... all the while holding a knife behind his back. Jasmine warns Bug about the knife, then cuts off Wartstaff's antennae to humiliate him. Bug announces that he's taking over. When one of the cutthroats objects, Bug pierces his chest with a rocket-lance.

On Homeworld, Arcturus Rann has grown restless. The people want to worship him as a god, an avatar of the Enigma Force, but he wants to reunite the Microns and explore the Microverse. Marionette agrees to go with him.

Bug, Jasmine, and the gang watch the Colonial Air Terminus for several weeks. When Jasmine asks why, Bug says that they're going to overthrow the colonial administration ....


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