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Appearing in "A Hot Time on the Old World!"

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Synopsis for "A Hot Time on the Old World!"

Bug has reunited with his old gang, his old flame, and his old man. Now he leads them in a daring assault on the Colonial Air Terminus, still controlled by Baron Karza's Dog Soldiers, who seem demoralized. The insectivorids easily beat them and prepare to launch an air attack against the Central Nest. Bug notices that his father, Wartstaff, has escaped from his guards and commandeered a battle-cruiser. He can't stop to worry about it, though, because the colonial forces have rallied around the governor. Every second counts!

On Homeworld, the other Microns take their leave of Prince Argon and Slug. Argon, still in centaur form, will have to stay that way; Karza's Body Banks have closed. The HMS Endeavor heads for deep space. On Spartak, Acroyear has placed his throne in the hands of the elders. He wishes to fight alongside the Microns, and his wife, Cilicia, will follow him.

A Time Traveler observes Agent M, a S.H.I.E.L.D. courier, who has just arrived at the Baxter Building with a package containing evidence of the Microverse.

assault on the Central Nest

Bug's forces take heavy fire from the anti-aircraft batteries on the Central Nest. Wartstaff swoops out of the sky to attack the biggest battery. It draws a bead on him. He splits his cruiser into its component pods, but too late—he takes a direct hit! By providing a diversion, however, he has given the others the chance to disable it. That heroic deed turns the tide, and the rebels soon penetrate the halls of the Nest itself.

Bug and Co. find the governor surrounded by his bodyguards, whom they quickly overwhelm. He remembers how this human had him beaten before shipping him off to Karza's gladiator pits on Homeworld, and blasts him with his rocket-lance. The soldiers surrender, thinking that the "liberation forces" have arrived. Only then does Bug learn that Karza died weeks ago. Kaliklak is free!

Acroyear and Cilicia rendezvous with the Endeavor. Before they and the Microns can finish their welcomes, they get a message from Bug: "How about >tik< pickin' us up? Things have been kinda slow down here ...."


  • The insectivorid assault features all four of the Micronaut orbiter toys: Neon, Photon, Rhodium, and Thorium.
  • The letters page includes the second instalment of Meet the Micromakers, this time on Chaykin (Mantlo appeared in issue #7).

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