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Synopsis for "The Inside Job!"

Agent M of S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the Fantastic Four cleaning up after a break-in. Reed Richards soon realizes, though, that someone actually broke out of the Submolecular Studies Lab, took one item, and returned to the lab. Not only that, but the sensors have picked up his energy trail on his way back to his own universe. Agent M interrupts Richards's investigation to show him the package from SHIELD, which contains two dead Acroyears and their ship. "Hey! Great toys!" says Ben Grimm, but Richards immediately grasps their significance.

The HMS Endeavor, with the Microns aboard, has barely begun its second voyage to explore the Microverse when a gigantic ship blocks its course. Before they can take any action, a tractor beam seizes the Endeavor and pulls it inside the unknown craft. A horde of antrons (insect-like automatons) zeroes in on the ship and begins ripping into the hull with their metallic mandibles!

antron assault!

Biotron stays at the controls while the rest go outside to battle the creatures. The antrons swarm over Microtron, the only roboid in the group. Rann and Mari drive them off, but too late—they have killed Microtron!

Through their telepathic link, Biotron warns Rann of a greater danger approaching. Psycho-Man has come to investigate what the waste-disposal system on his ship (the scavenger antrons) has found. "You will never leave here alive!" he promises.

Richards, Susan Storm, and Grimm use the Reducta-Craft to follow Psycho-Man, who stole back his armor. A Time Traveler watches them and Johnny Storm, who has gone to Cape Canaveral; his mission is to enter subspace through the Prometheus Pit and seal it behind him.

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