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Quote1.png I chose the name 'Marionette' when I joined the rebellion against Baron Karza to suggest that I was weak—not because I was weak! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Rendezvous in Sub-Atomica!"

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Synopsis for "Rendezvous in Sub-Atomica!"

An "antigravitational flux tube" draws the Microns to another part of the worldship, where they confront Psycho-Man. Mari berates him for causing the death of Microtron and for showing no remorse. He responds by using his Psychotron. A repto, natural predator of insectivorids, attacks Bug and Jasmine, causing fear; Rann doubts his ability to help them; a Phobos attacks Biotron, who doubts he can protect himself from a later model of himself; and Acroyear and Cilicia suddenly hate each other. Only Mari seems immune to the effect, so she goes after Psycho-Man himself.

the Microns meet the FF!

Meanwhile, using the Reducta-Craft, the Fantastic Four (without the Human Torch) have tracked Psycho-Man from the Baxter Building to his ship. While Reed Richards tries to find an entrance, Ben Grimm makes a new one. They climb down several decks and hear screaming. Two groups of aliens are fighting, but which are the good guys? Richards only knows that Psycho-Man is a bad guy, so he leads the attack that way ... and gets hit with a dose of fear.

the giant cavalry arrives

Psycho-Man says, "Fear feeds despair! Hatred breeds anger! I feed on this emotive display!" He grows with every pang. Mari, though, has finally fought her way to his feet. Rann, seeing the woman he loves in danger, snaps out of his doubt. Without warning, a new factor appears: Johnny Storm, like Phillip Prometheus before him (in issue #7), has entered the Microverse through the Prometheus Pit ... and he's as big as an asteroid ....


  • Microtron is not listed as a Micron because he died last issue.
  • The repto is based on another Microtron toy and here makes its first appearance in the series.


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