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Quote1.png Praise the gods we're not back on Earth! Quote2.png
—unspecified Micron

Appearing in "Child Eyes!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Helen

Other Characters:

  • Helen's mother

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Synopsis for "Child Eyes!"

The Endeavor warps back into normal space, but the Microns have no idea what world they're reached. The huge vegetation looks like Earth's. They bury Jasmine, Bug's "lady-bug," in Rann's hibernation couch, where he spent a thousand years in suspended animation. When Mari asks why, he says, "I plan to spend the rest of my life awake!"

You rang?

Bug wanders off to grieve. Biotron and Microtron stay with the ship to make repairs. Rann and Mari use glider packs to explore, while Acroyear and Cilicia follow in the Star Searcher. Mari spots a normal-sized house. When she and Rann go inside, the door swings shut behind them. When a butler appears, Mari touches his shoulder and he collapses. When a giant eye appears in a mirror, a rattled Mari blasts the mirror. In the drawing room, they find more people, but they seem lifeless. Upstairs, the revived butler overpowers Mari.

Acroyear and Cilicia find the same house. A car almost runs them down. Inside, they find Rann pinned down by a bookcase. The figures in the house surround them, trying to subdue them by weight of numbers, but with little effect. Suddenly a force beam cuts through the ceiling, moving towards them ... and just as suddenly it disappears.

Outside, a woman takes her daughter Helen away from her doll house for supper. Helen says, "I found some new toys today neater than the rest! They moved by themselves! But when I tried to play with them, they got mad!"

The Microns find Mari senseless in the grass. They shrug and head back to the Endeavor.


  • The source of Helen's powers (telekinesis and eye blasts) is never made clear.
  • The Star Searcher, another Micronaut toy, makes its first appearance in this issue.

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