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Quote1.png He will be the perfect addition to my insect army! Leading you all forth against a mocking, malicious world that dared to call Odd John mad! Quote2.png
Odd John, referring to Bug

Appearing in "Divided They Fall"

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Synopsis for "Divided They Fall"

Having wandered away from the other Microns, Bug comes across a barnyard. He evades a cow, a chicken, and a pig, to whom he is just another insect. A human sprays him, puts him in a glass box, and sends a mutagen gas into the box.

Biotron picks up Bug's brain waves. The Endeavor tracks them to the barn. The human, warned by his army of insects, knocks the ship out of the air with a pitchfork. Rann and Acroyear glide out to attack him. He shoots the Endeavor with a shotgun and grabs Rann. He tells Rann that he is Odd John, who has always loved and understood insects. He developed his mutagen gas to give the insects a level playing field in evolution.

the new and improved Bug

Acroyear punches Odd John, which frees Rann. Odd John calls up his insects to attack the Endeavor, and Bug leads them. Rann recognizes Bug, mutated as he is, and warns Acroyear, who was about to attack Bug. Bug blasts Acroyear. Odd John gasses Rann and prepares to pin him to the wall with the rest of his collection ....

In a nearby township, ants swarm into the home of Scott Lang, who is on vacation. He changes to Ant-Man and follows them ....


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