Quote1.png Now I must set about repairing the Endeavor—it seems that's my lot in life! Quote2.png
-- Biotron

Appearing in "Enter: Ant-Man"

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Other Characters:

  • Sprocket, Wrigley, other Food World employees
  • Food World shoppers



Synopsis for "Enter: Ant-Man"

Odd John, the insect fanatic, has captured Arcturus Rann and is about to pin him to a specimen board. Mari leaps onto a hammer handle, levering the hammer into Odd John's head and knocking him unconscious. On his way down, he hits his head against his Telepatho-Communicator, a device that allows him to communicate with his mutant insects. Acroyear chains Odd John to a post. When Odd John awakens, he says that he can't call back his insects because the Telepatho-Communicator is broken, but he guesses that without instructions they'll look for food. The Microns go after Bug (also mutated in the previous issue), who is leading the insect army.

Following Bug's brain waves, the Endeavor and the Astrostation go to Food World, a supermarket in a nearby town. Ant-Man, following a swarm of ants, arrives first, but Bug shoots down the ant he's riding. The Endeavor flies into the store. Bug shoots a clerk with his rocket-lance. The customers panic and flee the store. Rann, Mari, Acroyear, and Cilicia use their gliders to go after Bug. Not recognizing his friend, Bug blasts Acroyear, who flies into a freezer and breaks a coolant pipe; the escaping gas freezes him to the shelf. Bug next shoots Rann and Mari, who fall into a box of garbage, which rolls to the end of a conveyor and gets tossed into a garbage truck.

A mutant insect gets to the bridge of the Endeavor and forces Biotron away from the controls. The ship crashes. Microtron, piloting the Astrostation, helps Cilicia get Acroyear out of the freezer. A mutant ant grabs Ant-Man. One of its claws punctures a canister of shrink gas, and the escaping gas turns the mutant ant back into a regular ant. Ant-Man releases another canister of shrink gas in the air conditioning system, which makes all the insects revert to normal, including Bug.

a very close encounter

Ant-Man hitches a ride on the Endeavor. He and Biotron go back to Odd John's farm, while the others use the Astrostation to search for Rann and Mari. Lang promises not to mention the Microns when he turns Odd John over to the authorities.


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