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Baron Karza's Dog Soldiers uncover a rebel cell and open fire. They're looking for a resistance leader named Slug. The unfortunate casualties of this raid will go into the Body Banks so that other, more fortunate, citizens can live longer, healthier lives. The survivors are herded up to the surface of Homeworld and to the Body Banks, where Karza himself screens them. A man breaks out of the crowd and confesses to being Slug; Karza's fist shoots from his arm and chokes him. The real Slug, a woman, watches helplessly.

Meanwhile, the Microns have their own problems. Princess Mari (Marionette) can't believe that Rann is letting Homeworld suffer; he points out that their ship is barely afloat and they're in another universe.

Ray Coffin, who has collected the debris from the Microns' battle with Shaitan in his backyard, heads for the Human Engineering Life Laboratories (HELL) at Cape Canaveral and meets a former astronaut and partner, Phillip Prometheus. Bug hitches a ride, hoping to get enough parts to assemble a fighter and go home.

The Endeavor barely makes it back to the Coffin house to hunt for Bug, but he's not there. Shaitan does make it back to the Microverse, where an image of Karza greets him. Because of Shaitan's failure to capture the Micronauts, Karza is revoking the thoughtwash of his people and sending him home to face the consequences.


  • This issue includes a one-page diagram of the Endeavor.

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