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Synopsis for "The Prometheus Pit!"

The Microns use their Astro Station to follow Bug to the Human Engineering Life Laboratory (HELL) at Cape Canaveral. They can't fly over the electrified fence, so Acroyear uses the ejector tube and blithely rips a hole in the fence. They notice Muffin in the Coffin pickup truck. Marionette makes friends with her and rides along as she follows Steve's scent, straight into the building. The others find a vent, fly the Astro Station into it, and park in an air shaft. Rann takes a glider pack to find another entrance while Acroyear and Microtron look for Bug.

Back at the Coffins' house, Biotron is repairing the Endeavor. He needs a power source, so he extends his legs to reach the workbench. He fails to notice the cat, who in all the excitement has not been fed ....

Inside the lab, Bug watches as Phillip Prometheus takes Ray and Steve Coffin on a tour. To their amazement, he has other specimens from the Microverse. Because he collected them before the Spacewall was breached, they did not survive the trip. When Steve identifies them, Prometheus shakes him, desperate for more information. He explains that, during his last trip to Starlab, cosmic rays bombarded the space station and killed the rest of the crew. The medical systems he designed, though, replaced his damaged organs with bionic parts; he pulls off part of his face to show that much of his body is now metal and circuitry. He needs the technology of the Microverse to improve his systems, and he will do anything to get it. Ray realizes that Steve is in grave danger, and when a guard restrains him, Prometheus warns him that all the guards are robots of his own creation. Bug drops from the ceiling and attacks!

Baron Karza in lecture mode

Back on Homeworld, the captured rebels, Slug among them, are herded by Dog Soldiers into the Body Banks for processing. Duchess Belladonna complains to Baron Karza that she's still waiting for her new body. Prince Argon, his upper body grafted onto a horse, suddenly blasts through a wall and attacks Karza. His shots bounce off Karza's force field, and he falls to Karza's eye blasts. Karza admits that he allowed Argon to escape so that he could demoralize the resistance. Slug protests, and Belladonna chooses her body.

Muffin and Marionette find Steve in the lab. Prometheus tilts the floor so that they and Bug start sliding into his Prometheus Pit, his portal to the Microverse. Acroyear arrives and tears up the robot holding Ray, while Microtron extends his arm to catch Steve. Freed, Ray grapples with Prometheus, and they topple into the pit! The robots turn on the others, following their last order: "prepare to seize the Micronauts!" ....


  • This issue includes the first installment of Micromails, the letters page.

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