Quote1.png Freedom is the right to live as individuals, safe from physical or psychological oppression! It's the opportunity to make your own laws... not to have them imposed on you. Quote2.png
-- Marionette

Appearing in "Murder-1!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Murder-1 (Death)
  • Little D and his mob
    • Schnozz
    • Skull
    • Bugsy
    • Jocko
    • Squash


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Murder-1!"

The Micronauts Mob plan to bust out from the gangster-run Prison Planet, only to be sentenced to death by a three-headed robot judge called, Tri-bunal.

Solicit Synopsis

Listen up, ya mugs, 'cause what we got here is a rap of "Murder One," as da Micronauts Mob plans a bustout from da gangster-run Prison Planet, only to run into major muscle-- Tribunal da three-headed robot. Miss it and get real unhealthy.


  • Inker credit misspelled in the issue. It should be Kelley Jones, not "Kelly Jones."

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