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Steve Coffin and the Microns flee Prometheus's lab with robots in hot pursuit. Microtron shorts out a fire door control and buys them some time. Commander Rann contacts Biotron, to see if he has repaired the Endeavor and can pick them up, but there's no answer - the Coffins' cat has cornered him. Steve barely bluffs his way past the guards at the entrance. They notice the little aliens following him, but at that moment the robots burst out with guns blazing. Colonel Macey, head of security, alerts the front gate to stop Steve, just as the Astro Station flies by him. Bug, not the best choice for pilot, crashes into the bed of the pickup truck, just before it crashes through the gate.

Ray Coffin and Phillip Prometheus find themselves falling through space in the Microverse. Ray begins to glow, tells Prometheus, "someone's calling me," and vanishes. A Time Traveler introduces himself to Ray, who has teleported to a different place. A probe detects Prometheus and heads for Homeworld. Instead of landing at Baron Karza's Body Banks, however, it goes to the Shadow Temple. Several hours later, the Shadow Priests tell Karza, who dispatches a fleet to investigate. Slug, the resistance leader, blasts a hole into Prince Argon's cell and frees him.

the Homeworld alphabet

Steve and the Microns reach the Coffin home. When Steve opens the utility room door, the cat flies out. They find Biotron dusting his hands and ready to power up the ship. Steve plugs it in. The whole neighborhood goes dark, including Abner Jenkins next door, who was watching Donny and Marie.

The radar operators at Cape Canaveral pick up a blip (as they did in issue #3) but decide to let Patrick AFB handle this one. Instead, the highway patrol wind up handling it, because security at the Cape put out a APB on the Coffin pickup. A few blasts from the Microns convince them to call off their pursuit. They head for Ray's fishing cabin in the Everglades.

Karza's fleet reaches Prometheus. The baron senses a kindred evil and begins laying his plans ....


  • This issue includes a key to the Homeworld alphabet.
  • A letter in this issue asks how to pronounce Acroyear. The answer is "Ak-ROY-er."

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