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Synopsis for ""Adventure into Fear!""

Steve Coffin and the Microns have fled to his father's fishing cabin in the Everglades to regroup. Microtron, watching a television for news of Steve's father, Ray, finds an episode of Star Trek. Commander Rann, taking a nap in his hibernation capsule, groans. Princess Mari (Marionette) asks Biotron why he prefers to sleep there. Biotron refers her to a video screen that shows his dreams.

Rann encounters the Enigma Force

She sees Rann bidding farewell to his parents, the rulers of Homeworld, and setting off to explore the Microverse. Centuries later, his ship reached the Fringes, the outer limits of the universe. It accelerated beyond its tolerances, but for some reason it stayed in one piece. Three Time Travelers appeared and passed data to Rann through Biotron. Their main message, as far as Biotron could tell, was, "Welcome to the Enigma Force!" Rann screamed. From that time on, Rann and Biotron's telepathic link became permanent. Biotron, back in command of the ship, set a course for home.

Microtron gets a bulletin: a force field has sprung up around HELL at Cape Canaveral. Colonel Macey denies reports of miniature extraterrestrials (i.e. the Microns). No one mentions Ray Coffin. Steve grieves afresh, which draws a muck-encrusted monster from the swamp toward his pain ....

Meanwhile, in the Microverse, mobile labs finish their analysis of Phillip Prometheus, an unwilling visitor from Earth. Baron Karza commands, "Prepare the subject for the mind-merge!" Back on Homeworld, Slug and Argon find a rebel cell. The rebels, already on the run, say, "No one escapes from the Body Banks!" and "It's a trap!" A Shadow Priest appears, however, and offers to conduct everyone to a place of safety where they can prepare for the "final battle." Elsewhere in space, a Time Traveler offers Ray Coffin the chance to become champion of Earth.

Overcome, Steve runs outside the cabin. Mari follows, spots the Man-Thing, and fires. The rest join the attack, with no noticeable effect. Bug, pinned by Man-Thing's hand, panics and starts to cook in his shell (because "whosoever knows fear, burns at the Man-Thing's touch"). Muffin's bark calls Steve's attention to the swamp buggy moored at the dock. His fear replaced by determination, Steve jumps into the buggy and starts the engine. Man-Thing releases Bug to investigate this new emotion, courage. It plods forward - directly into the swamp buggy's giant fan.

Back at HELL, Karza climbs out of the Prometheus Pit ....


Micro-Maker Mantlo

  • This issue includes the first installment of Meet the Micro-Makers, a profile of Bill Mantlo.
  • The labs surrounding Prometheus include vehicles drawn from the Mego toys Mobile Exploration Lab and Cosmic Control Base.

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