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Baron Karza

Appearing in ""Earth Wars!""

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Synopsis for ""Earth Wars!""

The Microns and Steve Coffin reach the Human Engineering Life Laboratories (HELL) at Cape Canaveral, where they find a pitched battle in progress. Steve tells the head of security, Colonel Macey, that their foe is Baron Karza from the Microverse. A force field surrounds the building, and Karza controls Prometheus's robots (as well as Prometheus's body), so the Earthlings have fought a holding action so far. Commander Rann flies to the attack.

Back in the Microverse, Prince Argon, rebel leader Slug, a band of rebels, and a Shadow Priest reach a temple far underground. Argon addresses the rebels: Karza has oppressed the people of Homeworld for centuries while holding out the possibility of immortality to those who follow him. Years ago, though, a Time Traveler appeared to Argon's father and foretold that, although the royal family would fall, it would rise again. The Shadow Priest admits that his order has worked with Karza, but their Life Machines have helped put together the rebellion while waiting for the appearance of their champion: Arcturus Rann. With Karza away, the time has come to strike and strike hard. Argon dons the sacred armor of Dallan Rann to lead the cheering rebels.

Somewhere in space, Ray Coffin asks a Time Traveler what he must do to become Earth's champion. The glowing figure says, "Relax. Trust me. Close your eyes ... and dream!" There is a flash of light ....

Back at Cape Canaveral, Biotron, Bug, and Microtron aboard the Endeavor attack the robots, but a blast from Karza brings them down. Acroyear tries a frontal assault and gets slammed to the pavement. Rann and Marionette, hit by Karza's eye beams, also fall. Rann warns her to retreat. She says, "I'm not giving up the man I love without a fight!" He stutters, "the man you ... love?"

Captain Universe vs. Baron Karza

A glow rises from the Prometheus Pit. Captain Universe bursts forth and drives Karza into the ground. They trade punches, energy blasts, and verbal jabs without much visible effect.

Rann finds that Marionette is hurt. A brilliant strategy occurs to him: fly back to the Microverse through the Pit and seal it, thus stranding Karza on Earth. Karza realizes his danger, abandons Prometheus's body, and follows the Endeavor into the Pit. Time Travelers seal the breach in the Spacewall. Ray relinquishes his power and is reunited with his son.


  • With the armor, Prince Argon becomes Force Commander, one of the Micronaut figures.

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