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Bug at the war council

Appearing in ""Home Is Where the Heart Is!""

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Synopsis for ""Home Is Where the Heart Is!""

The Endeavor returns to the Microverse, only to find itself surrounded by the Acroyear fleet. As far as the Microns - and especially Acroyear - know, the people of Spartak are still under the influence of Baron Karza's thoughtwash and loyal to the usurper, Shaitan. An Acroyear ship hails the Endeavor and orders the crew to prepare for towing. They land and step out of the ship to face a daunting array of arms and armor.

Baron Karza also returns to the Microverse, only to find himself surrounded by his own fleet. Major D'Ark gives him a status report. Karza orders the fleet to set course for Spartak.

"HAIL, PRINCE ACROYEAR!" the Acroyears shout (Karza lifted the thoughtwash in issue #4; Shaitan now languishes in the Judgment Tower). Acroyear meets his wife, Cilicia, and everyone goes to the palace.

On Homeworld, the rebels close in on the Body Banks. Units of large Phobos open fire on them, but the Shadow Priests melt them, apparently by magic.

The Acroyears hold a war council. Before they can formulate a strategy, however, Karza's fleet arrives. Within minutes it wipes out half the Acroyear fleet, and then it begins bombarding the planet. D'Ark observes that they need not land to defeat the Acroyears, who are superior in hand-to-hand combat. Cilicia reaches the same conclusion. Acroyear says, "then they must be made to land!" and makes his way to the Crystal Chamber beneath the palace. The Microns, not to be left out of the fray, climb into wing fighters and boost into orbit. Biotron stays with the Endeavor. Karza relishes the coming slaughter.

Cilicia tries to warn Acroyear against merging with the Worldmind. It's only a legend, no one really knows what effects it may have on him. Acroyear says that the Worldmind "can only be wielded by a king ... and by accident of birth, I am a king!" With that he places himself between two crystal pillars.

Karza appears atop his flagship and taunts Arcturus Rann. Rann goes after him, full speed, guns blazing, and pancakes on a force field. Marionette screams ....

Biotron offers the Endeavor to Cilicia to carry refugees. She says there will be none: "the Worldmind has called together our entire race - the dead, the living, the yet-to-be-born!" Below the palace, Acroyear cries out; he is becoming the Worldmind ....


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