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When Psycho-Man learned of the Macrouniverse (Earth), sent his army for conquering Earth and eliminate to Hank Pym (who created a bridge between the two universes), the Microns was his army, finding to the Wasp, a member of the Avengers who was fighting with Psycho-Man's army.

When Janet discovered their objectives, she helped them fight against the army of Psycho-Man, and used Pym Particle's capsules to shrink and release to Iron Man and Captain America, who had been caught by the henchmen of Psycho-Man, leading to a battle between groups, however, the Avengers and the Microns were surrounded by the army, until Wasp changed to normal size, ending with the Psycho-Man army, and getting the Microns return to their world, taking the army, and continue fighting against Psycho-Man.[1]

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