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A Microverse is a dimension that can be reached from the Earth dimension by shrinking with Pym Particles and thus compressing the person's matter to a certain point, thereby forcing it through an artificially created nexus into the other universe. The Microverses were once erroneously believed to exist within atoms. They are all described as parallel dimensions, rather than universes within universes.[3][4][5]


The Microverse, the region usually referred to by that name, is a specific realm created by Prince Wayfinder, a time traveler from the future of Earth-7614. He and his followers travelled back in time 65 million years ago to Earth-616 using the Sword in the Star as a home for his displaced people. It is held together by the Enigma Force.[6][7]

Symbiotic Invasion[]

Thousands of years ago, Symbiotes poured into the Microverse, with entire planets serving as hosts. The Microverse managed to expel them but was nearly destroyed in the process.[8]

K'ai/Homeworld conflict[]

1000 years ago, K'ai was under suspicion of stockpiling stolen Homeworld weapons and/or threatening technologies. Inspection teams visited and cleared the K'aitians of the accusations,[9] though a doomsday weapon was indeed developed.[10] Commander Arcturus Rann of Homeworld led a group of Death's Head bombers to K'ai. Despite the inspections and an utter lack of evidence, Arcturus was firmly convinced the K'aitians lied. Despite express order of withdrawal[9] and out of fear instead of evidence, Arcturus conducted a massive strike, annihilating ancient K'ai.[10]

20th Century[]

The microworld of Mita was terrorized by the tyrant named Togaro who sought to take over that world. The rulers of Mita sent their daughter Dianna to Earth where she was adopted and grew to adulthood. Togaro learned of Dianna's fate in 1942 and launched an attack on Earth, drawing the attention of wartime heroes Captain America and Bucky.[11] Following Togaro into the Microverse, Cap and Bucky ended his empire, and Togaro was slain, but not before the villain could send Mita hurtling into its sun. Tragically, a ship full of Mitan refugees ended up dying as well when their escape ship crashed. The only surviving Mitans are Dianna, Ailma who escaped to Earth,[12] and a number of Togaro's troops who were captured on Earth.[11] The fate of these individuals is unknown at this time.

Modern Age[]

During one of his earliest battles against the Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom was exposed to a shrink ray and seemingly shrank out of sight.[13] In reality, he was transported into the Microverse where he appeared in the star-system of Sub-Atomica. There he conquered the world of Mirwood and used shrink rays to get revenge against the Fantastic Four. When the FF followed him to the Microverse Doom captured the quartet and attempted to give them as slaves to the Lizard Men of the planet Tok. The Fantastic Four were rescued by the size-changing hero Ant-Man and they crushed Doom's empire forcing Doom to flee back to Earth, and the heroes followed quickly after him.[14] Another threat from the Microverse came from the world of Traan when the Psycho-Man attempted to conquer the Earth. Psycho-Man was stopped by the Fantastic Four, the Inhumans, and the Black Panther.[15] When the Silver Surfer found himself exiled on Earth,[16] his master Galactus came to utilize him again. Wishing to remain free, the Surfer briefly hid in the Microverse.[17] With the Earth at risk of being consumed, the Fantastic Four traveled to the Microverse to recover the Surfer, the Surfer eventually relented and returned to Earth and helped Galactus.[18] Before the FF could return themselves they were attacked by the Psycho-Man again, who was convinced to let them go when he was made to realize that if Galactus destroyed Earth, the Microverse would be destroyed along with it. However, Galactus was defeated in their absence.[19]

Later, much of the Microverse was conquered by the despot Baron Karza. Later still, the realm was somehow merged with a number of other supposedly 'sub-atomic' universes including Sub-Atomica (the realm of the Psycho-Man) and Tok (which is home to the Lizard Men of Tok) due to an unseen conflict between Baron Karza and Thanos. The Microverse is separated from the upper dimensions by the Spacewall, a barrier protected by the Time Travelers, though it was once accessible via other means including the Prometheus Pit, a portal created at the Human Engineering Life Laboratories (HELL) by Professor Prometheus.

Alternate Realities[]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)[]

Quantum Realm from Ant-Man and the Wasp (film) 001

Quantum Realm

Quantum Realm is the name coined for the Microverse by Earth-199999 Hank Pym.[20] This dimension apparently exists both outside the proper flow of time and the bounds of a single reality. Individuals entering the Quantum Realm were able to exit it both into their future and into the past, creating branching timeline realities.[21] It was also used for travel between distinct branches of the timeline[22], although the lack of proper mapping made the navigation exceedingly difficult.[21]

Hank's wife Janet had been trapped in the Quantum Realm after she went subatomic to stop a missile from hitting a populated area. Hank spent decades trying to find a way to bring her back, but kept hitting dead ends. The breakthrough came when Scott Lang likewise entered the Quantum Realm to defeat Darren Cross but was able to find his way back.[20] Cross had also survived but was stuck in the Quantum Realm, seriously disfigured. He was found by Kang the Conqueror and turned into M.O.D.O.K.. Kang himself was exiled to the Quantum Realm by his fellow Kangs but had managed to build an empire there, subjugating the local population. He lacked only the means to escape, as his Multiversal Power Core had been dimensionally destabilized by Janet and thus unapproachable.[23] Eventually Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne were able, with Lang's help, to extract Janet out,[24] although she kept quiet about her time in the Quantum Realm and never revealed to them the existence of sentient life there for the fear of Kang.[23]

In another reality Earth-89521 Janet had contracted a Quantum Virus that turned its victims into Zombies, which infected most of the Earth's population when she was extracted.[25]

Points of Interest

  • Spiral Path
    • Homeworld - A molecular chain planet.
    • Kaliklak - Inhabited by various insect-like species and the homeworld of Micronaut member Bug.
    • Spartak - An inhospitable rocky world, home to the Acroyears, destroyed when Prince Acroyear used Spartak's Worldmind to destroy Baron Karza. The surviving Acroyears became a race of galactic nomads.
  • Spacewall - Separated the Spiral Path from other dimensions and of the rest of the Microverse
  • Mita - The home of the Mitans, destroyed when Togaro sent Mita into the sun. Although most of the Mitans were evacuated, some of them were killed when their ship crashed on another planet.
  • K'ai - Inhabited by various green-skinned people, mostly blonde, but otherwise human. While outwardly primitive, it has remnants of long-forgotten high technology and sorcery.[26]
  • Paradise III -
  • Sub-Atomica - The world that Psycho-Man is from. It was later merged into the Microverse.
  • Coronar - The homeworld of Empress Hynodia, Crown Princess Lumina, and the Scions of the Azure Flame.[27]
The Microverse hosted millions of sentient planets, including K'ai, the World Mind.[28]



  • Below the Microverse exists the Underspace as with above Earth exists Overspace.
  • The inhabitants of the Microverse called the Earth dimension the "Macroverse".[29][30][8] which should not be confused with another dimension known as the Macroverse.
  • Many (numbering in the millions),[28] if not all, of the worlds of the Microverse are actually semi-sentient, with the 'Worldmind' of each one able in certain circumstances to be channeled by each world's designated leader and manifested as a power source. The Worldmind of Spartak voluntarily allowed itself to be destroyed by Prince Acroyear by allowing him to expend its energies apparently destroying Baron Karza; the planet itself was destroyed as a result.


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