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Mid-County Medical Center is a hospital located nearby the hamlet of Salem Center, which is situated in the town of North Salem, Westchester County, in the state of New York.[1]

Following her disastrous encounter with the Demon Bear, Dani Moonstar was discovered by her teammates and brought to the Mid-County medical center for emergency treatment. She sustained grave injuries and suffered heavy blood loss, she was put under coma so that the medical personnel could perform emergency surgery, which lasted for hours all through the night. Her New Mutants were forced to wait at the hospital and during their slumber, the Demon Bear attacked the hospital, first, he captured Officer Corsi and Sharon Friedlander. As a response, Magik cast protection wards using her lifeforce around the operation room denying the demon access. The creature teleported himself and the New Mutants to the Badlands, his home dimension.[1]

The surgeons were oblivious to the battle going outside their station, they were only separated by the wards Magik had put up. It took all of the mutants' powers to defeat the demon and keep him from entering their home turf. With a final slash with her Soulsword, Magik cut the demon in half, freeing her whole team, Corsi and Friedlander. By eliminating the bear, they freed Dani's parents as well, who jumped out of the demon's body. They were all transported back to their world outside of the operation room. The surgeons were able to save Dani's live, but couldn't prevent her from being paralyzed. Though, fortunately Storm called in a morlock healer, who was able to prevent her from being permanently crippled.[2] Afterwards, a wheelchaired bound Dani Moonstar was allowed to go home.[3]

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