A young gunfighter had heard a legnd that if he brought a gift to the graveyard at high midnight, when the moon was full on a late October night, that the devil, or some other demon, would have to grant his wish. As such, the young man kidnapped a baby during just such a night and brought it to the graveyard to be exchanged. This was not, however, actually how the deal went and the man was also forced to exchange his soul for his wish to be granted. Hed wished to be the fastest gun in the West and he was granted this in the form of the "Midnight Gun".

The stipulation for the use of the gun was that it only made him a fast gunslinger at night, and that his soul would be paid to the demon immediately upon death. The gun also never needed loading. The boy immediately set off back into town and got drunk at the local saloon. When he heard that the famous bounty hunter Gunhawk was also in town, the boy challenged him to a draw. Sure enough, the boy had been the fastest draw by a mile, but he had never bothered to practise his aim and missed the Gunhawk, who then shot the young man down dead. His soul immediately went to Hell where even Satan was suprised at how quickly the young man had died. Afterwards, the Gunhawk got a strange feeling off of the cursed gun, and threw into the bottom of a lake where it could do no harm. The gun's ultimate fate remains a mystery


It is unknown if this is the same cursed gun that the sheriff, Dave Carson, used for a time.

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