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Following his rejection of Khonshu, the vigilante Moon Knight opted to carry on with his former master's duty to protect night travelers. He claimed a territory in Manhattan and established a congregation called the Midnight Mission, whose doors were open for anybody to request his help. One of Moon Knight's earliest rescues were a group of neighbors forcibly turned into vampires by a vampiric pyramid scheme cult. After killing their "recruiters," one of the vampires, a woman named Reese, pled for mercy and was shown such as Moon Knight recognized them as victims. Reese then became the Midnight Mission receptionist and Moon Knight's right hand, the only job she could keep due to her imposed lifestyle change.[1]

Following Moon Knight's encounter with Leonard Hawley and recruitment of Soldier,[2] the Midnight Mission soon became a routine battle site for machinations by Zodiac in his mad plans to expose Moon Knight as a fraud.[1] When Hunter's Moon made himself known, he breached the Mission and sought to kill Reese with her vampirized friends believing them natural enemies, but was brutalized and sent away by Moon Knight.[3] Following Tigra's arrival, she protected Reese as Zodiac used a bomb to destroy the Midnight Mission in a bid to test Moon Knight's resolve. Thankfully, Hunter's Moon was successfully petitioned by Reese to save Moon Knight from Zodiac,[4] gave him medical attention, and joined soon after to battle Stained Glass Scarlet while Moon Knight was incarcerated.[5][6]

With Moon Knight's return, the hero encountered the House of Shadows and, following a painful first encounter, he was able to reason with the esoteric housing to recruit it. Joining Moon Knight's cause, the House of Shadows became the new site of the Midnight Mission, occupying the same leasing space.[7]

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