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Midtown Hospital is a St. Vincent's medical center in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.

Following a rift in the hyper-space opened by the Stranger within the Null-Life Bomb's dimensional wall, Darkstar recovered and claimed the Runestaff from a broom closet in Midtown Hospital.[2]

Bullseye later escaped from Midtown Hospital as he was about to undergo surgery, killing the surgical team and three policemen. Arriving on the crime scene, Nick Manolis and Daredevil were told by Dr. Gloss about Bullseye's growing brain tumor and his increasing obsession against Daredevil.[3]

Some time thereafter, while director Harold McGee was hospitalized here after being injured by a falling spotlight whose safety cord was intentionally cut, Jonathan Caesar made him write a note to Mary Jane Watson-Parker, asking her to meet him, then killed him by injecting a highly toxic poison.[4]

A while later, Martha Robertson was brought to Midtown Hospital after being injured by Carnage.[5]

Matt Murdock came to St. Vincent's Midtown Hospital to see his mother and the infant girl he rescued from Mysterio.[6]

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