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Quote1.png This is my very good friend Miek. He is an insect and has knives for hands. Quote2.png


Thor: Ragnarok

Miek was imprisoned among a contingent of gladiators on the world of Sakaar when the arrival of Thor set the stage for a slave revolt. Miek aided his friend Korg in helping to overthrow their captors and accompanied him further when Thor's brother Loki Laufeyson led them to Asgard on a captured Sakaaran transport ship. Miek's participation in the battle to rescue the beleaguered Asgardians was short lived however, as soon after he arrived his exoskeleton was cut apart by an undead soldier.

Later, back on board the transport ship he was accidentally stepped on by Korg. Presumed to have been killed by the misstep he was then carried around by his remorseful friend for much of the remaining day before surprising everyone by regaining consciousness.[1]

Avengers: Endgame

Miek was seen in New Asgard, sitting on a coach in Thor's house while Thor and Korg played Fortnite.



  • Martial arts


Miek has an eruciform body shape with a set of ventral prolegs for locomotion. This effectively makes him extremely slow to move around and is disadvantaged by his low profile in environments tailored to the needs of much taller sentient species.



  • Exoskeleton: With his eruciform body shape, Miek relies heavily on a robotic exoskeleton to interact with the world around him. Crafted to approximate a humanoid in form and function the device is strong and agile. The lower arm assemblies terminate in a pair of long blades that provide Miek with a deadly armament in combat.

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